Daniel Olivier-Argyle

—Digital Designer

Stop Motion

I've completed stop motion video projects for various clients, including Paperchase UK. These are insanely fun to plan and make, and I jump at the opportunity to make them.

Generally, I use a Canon DSLR attached to tripod, rigged over the background material. Then I link the camera to my computer to get the focus really crisp, and a remote trigger to capture each shot. This means I move the props and then shoot immediately, without jogging the camera. I use studio lighting, soft boxes and reflectors to get clear and natural looking light. Once every frame is shot, I bring the frames into lightroom and make final adjustments to the lighting.

Editing is done in photoshop, and any extra embelishments are either added there, or in Adobe After Effects. If the client so desires, I then output in a number of formats for different marketing channels, including still frames and gifs.

Paperchase - National Stationery Week

This project was techically challenging , but so worth the effort. Every one of the geometrical shapes had to be made in several colour versions to allow for the blinking effect. The 'easing' on the explosion had to be carefully timed to give the exponential cascade effect of objects nearing the singularity of a black hole.

Paperchase - Hoppy Easter

This was a lot of fun to make. The bunnies had to hop, which meant suspending them mid-air for all the jumping shots. The little 'pop' sound was recorded and edited, as was the humming at the end.

Printed.com's Third Birthday

This was a gift from me to printed.com while I worked with them. We had very little marketing content prepared for the big day (humble as we were), so I decided to make something during my time off. A little clunky, partly because it was shot using daylight rather than studio lighting, but fun all the same.

Printed.com's Fourth Birthday

The idea for this video was thought up by printed.com's social media specialist. We worked together to create it, to a relatively tight deadline. It was fun to create, and nice to show someone else my techniques.

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