Daniel Olivier-Argyle

—Digital Designer

Lovestruck by Lux

Art Direction: Daniel Olivier-Argyle
Photography: Daniel Olivier-Argyle
Graphic Design: Ellie Savige / Daniel Olivier-Argyle

Lux (multiloft) card from printed.com is a three-layered composite card, with a coloured middle. The stock is very high quality, durable and attractive. We wanted to capture the 'lux' effect in an email to our wedding stationery customers, and encourage them to try something new. Wedding consumers are typically exposed to a lot of high quality content, and are spoiled for choice online. In order to cater for their expectations, we decided to design and shoot creative specifically for purpose, and create an email that really showcased the material.

Everything you see here was designed and shot in house by me, then retouched and artworked at home to ensure tight turnaround. The images started as sketched thumbnails, then developed into a more polished final concept, which was then signed off with my Creative Manager before shooting. I planned each shot, and spent a couple of hours moving lights and reflectors to get the shots I wanted. The email recieved more clicks than average, and the design was well recieved both in house and by customers. I was proud of having achieved such quality on my own, when most companies would outsource for product photography, or have a dedicated product photographer.

See the live version of the email here.

The products were shot blank, and designs were superimposed later in photoshop. This meant that the shots then became an asset for the creative team to use again in future with different artwork. Through a lot of trial and error, I have devised a way to make photoshopped images look true to real print. The design is laid over the product as a Multiply layer and transparency is set to 88%. The artwork should be set to CMYK colour mode to avoid showing colours that are outside the colour gamut of regular CMYK print.

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