Daniel Olivier-Argyle

—Digital Designer

Fahrenheit London

Fahrenheit is a London-based team of designers and creators who offer marketing and promotion services to up-and-coming bands and solo musicians. The team started as myself and Victoria Sayce, social media strategist, and has slowly grown to incorporate copy writers, photographers and other graphic designers.

The project was the brainchild of Victoria, who had been waiting for the right person to help develop her idea. In a matter of weeks, we had designed branding, a website, marketing collateral, visited many open-mic nights and pulled together our first clients.

Design Strategy

We established the brand identity early on, to ensure consistent branding accross all channels.

The site was built and compiled in Jekyll, using Sass and markdown. I did extensive reading around the best approach for a project like this, and wanted to host the site using github pages. I later read that Amazon Web Services provides free static hosting for a year, with even faster hosting speeds, and so hosted there instead.

Before launch, we ran a prize draw to allow bands to receive three months of services for free. We printed and handed out contest leaflets at open mic nights

T-shirt designs for British band, 'Falling Under'

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