Daniel Olivier-Argyle

—Digital Designer

Christmas Shop

Art Direction: Daniel Olivier-Argyle
Photography: Mark Weeks
Graphic Design: Ellie Savige / Daniel Olivier-Argyle

The Christmas print list at printed.com is a collection of essential Christmas print products and inspiring creative content, designed to provide ideas to customers for their own creative endeavours.

We wanted to push the wow factor, and impress both existing customers and those coming through through PPC and organic search. We captured a feeling of nostalgia, whilst not going all out on cheesy Christmas elements. This was partly because the collection was launched in advance of the Christmas season, but also because printed.com has a little class! The boards were coated and 'aged' by hand, and the Edison style radio valve bulbs were selected for their romantic appeal, along with their subtle nod to Christmas, with their tree-shaped bulb elements.

To contrast with the dark, aged feel of the hero shot, we switched to a lighter, white washed board for individual product shots. We used different colours on each side of the wooden boards, which allowed us to make a quick switch during shooting. We also used the white board to create inspiration blog posts, with creative uses for existing products, such as creating custom wrapping paper from posters and gift tags / product tags from business cards.

We would have liked to have added in some floral elements, such as holly or fur tree fronds, but the tight turnaround meant a limit on availability from local florists. Next time though!

At the time this page went live, printed.com was researching possible product options for gift tags and wrapping paper. We didn't have a live product, so we decided to show how other products could be used in place of those. Customers can easily make swing tags / gift tags by punching a hole in some affordable business cards. A2 posters provide a strong and sizable alternative to wrapping paper. Essentially, printed products are just different sizes of paper, maybe with a fold here and there, and the name used to describe the product is the biggest differentiator; for example, postcards, flyers and invitations are essentially the same product - only the names are different.

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